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Please Stand By October 13, 2007

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So sorry for the delay in updates. As many of you know, I’ve been dealing with something big and unfortunately, rather devastating. A few weeks ago, I was ten weeks pregnant. Now, I’m not.

In the hormonal roller coaster that’s followed, there are several things that have become evident:

1. My family and friends are the best people ever. EVER. Thank you so much everyone, for everything. I couldn’t say it enough.

2. My husband is the most compassionate and selfless human being I’ve ever known. He’s handled his leaky wife and tantrum-prone son with an amazing level of humor and grace – I may need to add this to his list of superpowers.

3. Grieving for something that was never really there is odd, but I’m letting myself do it anyway.

4. Blood is important. Not having enough makes you feel…well, sucky.

5. Dogs are great therapists.


5. PlayDough with a two year old also makes for excellent therapy, as does spelling nonsense words with refrigerator magnets with aforementioned company.

6. I have an addictive personality that seems to assert itself in times of stress. While the Tylenol with Codine was the most obvious choice, craft seemed like a healthier way to go.

Case in point, in the past two weeks, I have completed the following:

Green Gable Detail

  • A baby hat made from bamboo yarn, loosly based on the candy top swirl hat from HandKnit Holidays by Melanie Falick


  • Baby Mary Jane’s from a great verigated pastel version of the same bamboo yarn from Knitting for Two by Erika Knight

Bamboo Mary Jane’s

(The two items listed above are for my adorable new niece Georgia Calliope, born 9/18. Good work, Cindee and Mike!)

  • A Christmas gift knit made with some handspun to be revealed – but very cool

FeatherFan Handspun

My So-Called Scarf

  • Two plush monsters, one for LG and one for his cousin, new big brother Donovan

Donovan’s Monster

The monsters are probably the thing I’m most proud of, only because I’m not the best sewer. I used an old sweatshirt for LG’s, and a felted sweater for Donovan’s (much easier and more forgiving for a lousy sewer to hide her mistakes in).

A pretty blatant rip-off of the UglyDolls, but nicer. I wanted to make these guys the friendly defenders of the nightly boogie monsters.

I started this because I felt that since his new baby sister was getting a few goodies, big brother shouldn’t be left out. But since a) I have zero energy or inclination to leave the house and b) am trying to save money, I thought something handmade would be the way to go. Hand-knitting something would take to long, since I wanted it done by the time the other stuff finishes blocking and drying, so it could all be mailed out in short order. (Of course, I finished them within two days, but the real delay came in taking pictures of them…yada, yada, yada – two weeks later, they’re FINALLY getting mailed!)

The problem (pointed out in item #6 ) is that since making the two monsters the day before yesterday, I’ve sketched out six more to be made for….somebody – in my current state, who these things are for seems unimportant. Instead of doing things I should do, like clean the house, I’m likely going to the thrift store for more materials for the monster mash. Who knows, maybe I’ll make myself one to chase away the hormonal monsters.