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IT! July 1, 2008

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I was tagged by the lovely Denise from knitting group, and boy, howdy – I feel pretty special about it. I feel a little like the new kid at school, being waved over to the cool kids’ table in the cafeteria. Now, if I can only hide my true inner dorkiness for a little longer…

What was I doing ten years ago?

I had just finished my first year teaching at RIT as a lowly (and I mean lowly) instructor, and was seriously debating the wisdom of returning in the fall since I had done such a lousy job. Then I got my student evaluations – never have I questioned my own grip on reality as with those evals. They thought I did a bang-up job. Were they actually paying attention? I think, no.

Dean and I had just gotten married the previous fall, and were still flush with the giddiness of having health insurance. For BOTH of us. With DENTAL. Woo-hoo! We lived in a thin-walled two bedroom duplex in East Rochester (which we would later buy) next to our landlords – in retrospect, we should have recognized the reality TV goldmine that was our landlords.

What are the five things on my to-do list today?

I have a few more then five, so I’ll spare you the REALLY boring ones. Like tackling the single sock basket pile.

  1. Laundry. Apparently buying more underwear and socks doesn’t mean less laundry, less often. Someone much smarter than me needs to explain this mystery to me. And how is it the towels are never clean? Must buy more.
  2. Grocery store. This morning’s trip was pre-empted by very dark clouds appearing out of nowhere while we were in Target. And yes, of COURSE I left all the windows in the house open, so then we had to go home, eat lunch, and then LG needed a nap… But we need to get there later, because without the essentials (sugar for coffee, bread for PB&J, chocolate) things get ugly fast in my house. While there, come up with, buy ingredients for, and MAKE dinner, instead of copping out at the last minute and getting something to bring right home. Darn you, Rotisserie Chickens, and your accompanying, expensive, convenient sides!
  3. Go through my email. I detest email even more in the summer than during the school year. I almost resent it – doesn’t everyone realize summer is my time to veg, goof off, and basically drop off the professional planet? As a result, I end up ignoring it for days on end, until I get nasty “Your account is over its limit” messages and 190 messages in my inbox. Not counting the 232 in my junk folder. BLECH. I may need to come up with a self-reward to make me do it. That’s NOT food based. I’m trying…
  4. Play CandyLand/Thomas’s Great Race, build a fort, have a picnic with the finest plastic food money can buy, and read books to my son (at least until I get so sleepy that I need a break). Drink caffeine. Repeat. Resist temptation to let him watch TV.
  5. Ply and wash the last of my very first fiber. I need to watch the DVD again to remember how to andean ply. Without breaking off my middle finger. OOh, wait! I found this instead. After I finish that, I want to start on a knitted critter for my girlfriends b-day. When is that again? Oh, right – it’s today.

5a. Call Erika for B-day.

Snacks I Enjoy

  • Chocolate, obviously. Dark, but sweet and unadulterated by nuts or other contaminants – sort of like the cheap wine of the chocolate world. I can’t eat milk chocolate because of the dairy allergy. My current favorite is Newman’s Own Sweet Dark – today has been a two square day. So far. (I do need to confess a strong affinity for chocolate covered blueberries, despite my claims of being a chocolate purist.)
  • Chips and guacamole. I could eat guacamole all day, every day. Ask me how I know.
  • Toasted flatbread and hummus, or flatbread and tabbouleh. Not recommended in the same day.

Things I would do if I were billionaire

  • Pay off all of our debt, all of our families debt, and repay my parents for college. Pay off Tori’s debt. Invest enough to make sure BG never worries about money ever again.
  • Build my mother-in-law her own house, next to her parents’ house on the land she grew up on. She’s been basically their live-in caregiver for years now, and needs her own space.
  • Fund our families’ retirement.
  • Build a house with lots of land, horses, sheep, and alpaca. Realize I know nothing about raising horses, sheep and alpaca, and hire someone who does.
  • Buy BG a ‘63 Corvette split-window coupe. Not too perfect, though, so he can tinker with it and call it his own.
  • Build BG a woodworking/sculpture studio. Hire Norm Abrams to help him outfit it. Enable him to build me that spinning wheel that he’s been threatening.
  • Set up a trust for Nick, and give Tori some start her own coffee shop/go back to school/travel the world without-having-to-work-two-jobs money.
  • Travel! Visit my dad and stepmom in NM, then travel Europe and Asia. Then maybe Australia…
  • Fund a non-profit organization, benefiting any of the following: dogs, horses, babies, kids with disabilities, cancer research…
  • Buy a spinning wheel. Build a little outbuilding for a craft/photo studio.
  • Buy a house on the beach in Cape Cod – spend 1 month out of every summer there.
  • Give away whatever’s left

5 People I would like to learn more about

Nick – I just want to hear more about the space bullet train trip to Jupiter he took during his nap. ‘Nuff said. His blog will be quite something, once he learns to read.

Tori – I already know she’s brilliant and fascinating, but don’t really get to know true life philosophies in our weekend visits. Especially lately, as I’m usually occupied with corralling her half-brother. I want to know her values, her politics, her pizza preferences, and if she’s a Captain Kirk, or more of a Mr. Spock. Or is she a Scotty? If you know what I mean. Get a blog, you! Plus, I need to know how not to dangle a participle. The blogosphere needs more english majors. Tag!

Denise – a former lawyer with six kids who spins, blogs, knits fearlessly and buys couches from eBay. How could I not want to know more?

My sister – While we didn’t exactly see eye to eye growing up, I figure now we have more in common than not. All you need to add is a blog to your great website. How about it? Those kids, dogs, cats, husband and job shouldn’t be taking THAT much of your time. Consider yourself tagged.

What would you like to learn this summer?

I guess I’m currently in progress with this one – spinning! I’m still on the lookout for that one perfect wheel for me. I have one spinning class left before I have no more wheel access, and I’m already a little apprehensive at the thought. The spindle is good, but the wheel, is.. well, better.



3 Responses to “IT!”

  1. Denise Says:

    You silly. You are not a dork! Dorks don’t revel in dark chocolate and chips with guac! That is definite cool material.

    I share with you a fondness for Norm. I might, actually, surpass you. I don’t want to hire him, but I have always wanted to marry him. He is, obviously, brilliant and he has a humility that I still remember from those Bob Villa classics. And, come on. He does
    that whole red flannel thing so well.

    : )

    aka, D.D.*

    * double dork

  2. Erika Says:

    Thanks for the b-day wishes, I got your birthday call…was still out to dinner….a late dinner..

    Can I join you on your month long Cape Cod vacation???

  3. Dad Says:

    Hi Chris,
    Has it been 10 years, already? How time flies when your’e having fun! What do you mean pay us back for your college? I thought it was free…. except for the beans and rice year when it overlapped….. Believe me, the way you’ve turned out make it all worthwhile. Needless to say i’m very proud of my “perfessor” and her family. Little Nick looks like he’s turning out to be a real maverick. Wonder where he got that?
    Thoroughly enjoy reading your thoughts – you really should try selling some of what you write – there’s some real talent there, as I’ve been saying for, what? fifteen years or so. You could be the Ann Coulter of the NY liberal set. So how come my two daughters have settled in the two most liberal states in the country? Where did I go wrong? Although, at about age forty or so, I would expect that you and Cindee will start undergoing a transformation….. Believe it or not, at one time I had some pretty liberal notions too.
    Right now, we’re in the midst of getting Vickie’s Mom through some bypass/new valve surgery she had last week in Lubbock. All very sudden based on an arteriogram she had the day before. I was getting ready to ask your professional advice on some of the problems she was having with her eyes when she got the results of the arteriogram. We may be taking her in for a while in a couple of weeks. She really doen’t have anyone else at this point, given the fact that she can be pretty difficult to live with. We’ll see how that goes…..

    Still trying to keep the old property in Hobbs out of the city’s clutches until we can find a buyer. Hobbs is booming with oil prices the way they are and a new uranium enrichment plant being built (along with the race-track/casino that’s about a year old now). Hopefully we’ll be able to sell it off pretty soon – just don’t have the where-with-all to do much to it anymore.

    Plus Brittany’s schedule of varsity and JV volleyball, cross-country track, dance, band, and of course a boyfriend, seem to make the days very short. Am still trying to get some RC flying in before work when the wind is calmer – I managed to total the powered glider I’ve been flyng for about a year, so I’m trying to fly something a little more sophisticated – a model of the Pilatus Porter I spent a great deal of time in when we were in Bangkok flying out of Chiang Mai. Neat airplane….. Air America flew a lot of them in SE Asia back in the 60’s.

    I guess I better close and give the City of Hobbs a few hours work……

    Hugs and kisses to everybody from us all



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