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I’m BACK March 10, 2009

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My poor, poor blog. Its been highly neglected. In fact, I can’t think of a thing that’s been more ignored by me in recent weeks months, except for maybe the laundry. To its credit, the blog doesn’t make things stinky when ignored.

I’ve made more than my share of excuses, mostly to myself, as to why I haven’t been blogging. I could go through them, but methinks its sort of like beating a dead, boring horse. Let me just say SORRY, and we can close this boring chapter in the life of a blog and move on to more important interesting things like:


Or more specifically, baby (sorry to freak you out, Mom). This one is 7 months along (hmm, duration strangely similar to absence of blogging), and kicking like a soccer champ. She’s a she, and somehow I thought She would be quiet and gentle compared to LG. Oh, so wrong. The upside is that I haven’t eaten my way to a Tom Wahl’s (local burger joint) customer appreciation plaque, as I almost did last time round. She just doesn’t seem as HUNGRY/RAVENOUS, and I am therefore not nearly as keen on eating every hour and a half.

Everything is going swimmingly (knock wood) and I’m just passing the cute pregnant lady phase and entering into the nervous-glances (as in “My God – she could deliver any minute!”) phase. And I’m nesting. In a HUGE way. Which leads me to my next segue:


My knitting mojo is back with a vengeance. Thanks to my lovely chiropractor, my hands are fully functional and not numb this time around, and I’ve had a full outlet for my nesting tendencies. In fact, I think knitting is a much better alternative to, say, washing the kitchen cabinets. Or scrubbing the bathroom floor. Though the bathroom actually needed it, making a baby sweater is WAY more satisfying.

First, I made this:

Easy Baby Hoodie

Easy Baby Hoodie

  • Pattern: Easy Baby Cardigan, by Diane Soucy (link to Ravelry)
  • Yarn: Gedifra Florida, pink and purple
  • Needles: KnitPicks size 5

Thanks so much to Denise for getting me past the DUH! moment of how to make just the sleeves striped, where to start, and not laughing at me for being a dummy.

I also made this:

Hooded Baby Blanket

Hooded Baby Blanket

Pattern: Hooded Baby Blanket by Nikol Lohr, The Thrifty Knitter

Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 Superwash Wool, 7 skeins

Needles: Maybe 8’s? Can’t remember…

For my new cutie-patootie nephew Maximo Wilbia Sisson! Now, if I can just find thier address…or phone number…maybe poor Max will have his blanket before summer.

And now I’ve got three, count ’em – THREE works in progress. One is a secret, as its a gift and the recipient is one of the three readers of this here blog. But the other is a sweater for ME:

February Lady Sweater for ME

February Lady Sweater for ME

Wow, what a crappy picture. Don’t tell my students.

Its the ubiquitous February Lady Sweater, and the yarn for this is Araucania Nature Wool Solids, which I love. I love the subtle color changes, and the smoosh factor. And I’m doing lace! Lace, I tell you! Who’da thunk?

I’m also working on these:

Embossed Leaves Socks

Embossed Leaves Socks

They’re the Embossed Leaves socks. Apparently I’m in a purple phase. And a lace phase.

And finally, I’m spinning this:

Purple-ly, lovely BFL

so I can make the Classic Yoked Baby Cardigan, from Knitting for Two, by Erika Knight.

And finally, it wouldn’t be a blog post without a gratuitous cute boy photo:

Inspector? Inspector Gadget?

Inspector? Inspector Gadget?

And in case you were wondering, he’s quite huge. Size 13 shoe, size 6/7 huge. And 54 pounds. And he wants to name his sister Rochester.



3 Responses to “I’m BACK”

  1. Erika Says:

    So glad you’re back! And you have been busy 🙂 Love the socks… very nice. I started a knitting project- ribbed scarf. It’s close to finished and what I’m thinking is “this takes so much longer than crochet!” Nick is getting so big, and as cute as EVER!!!!
    Miss you guys, when is your break coming up?

  2. Myra Says:

    gorgeous blanket… and so excited for you and the rest of the family

  3. Mary Says:

    Maximo loved his little hooded sweater. Thanks Auntie Christye!

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