cocoa purl

Chocolate Covered Misadventures (knitting, childrearing, surviving) of a Passable Mind

About May 30, 2007

I’m Christye Sisson, and I live in Gananda, a vaguely Stepford-ish community outside Rochester, NY, with my uncannilly handy and handsome husband, ravenous but adorable two-year old son, and two dogs (Yogi and BooBoo) and two cats (Stinky and Monkey). My brilliant but far away (four HOURS) step-daughter puts up with all of us as needed. As evidenced by the names of our pets, we are not sophisticated individuals, but have a reasonably developled sense of humor, if we do say so ourselves.

CocoaPurl is Christye’s superhero blog alter-ego, who is dillegently dedicated to keeping any and all interested parties up to date on family happenings and general adventures at the homestead. CocoaPurl’s powers include photography, knitting, campaigning for common sense, rambling, and promoting all things (dairy-free) chocolate.

Regular Christye teaches Biomedical Photographic Communications (don’t say it five times fast – you’ll hurt yourself) at a college in Rochester. She has a degree in Biomedical Photography and a Master’s in Information Technology. But don’t hold that against her – the IT degree is expired anyhow.


One Response to “About”

  1. Dad Says:

    What do you mean, I couldn’t keep that old Aeronca for being carried off? Simply a matter of keeping the angle of attack of the wing airfoil from acheiving it’s maximum lift angle. Elementary aerodynamics, doncha know….

    Love the blogs, keep it up

    Love to all, Dad

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